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Exploring Data Viz Possibilities with D3.js

Written by former Data Visualization student Corinne Brenner, this post explores a professional media project she enhanced for her job during her 6 weeks at Metis.

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Alumni Spotlight: Alison Cossette, Senior Analyst at the UVMC

Bootcamp graduate Alison Cossette came to Metis with 10 years of healthcare experience and a desire to integrate that with rigorous data science training. She's now a Senior Analyst in Center for Healthcare Management at the University of Vermont Medical Center, working on projects that directly impact patients' healthcare.

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Alumni Spotlight: Andre Gatorano, Data Scientist at Blitsy

Metis bootcamp graduate Andre Gatorano is now a lead Data Scientist at Blitsy, where he works on a number of projects aimed at helping both the company and customer maximize their digital experiences on the site. I recently caught up with Andre to talk about his multi-purpose role, to discuss what tools he's using on the job, and much more.

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Alumni Spotlight: Nathan Cheever, Data Visualization Engineer at Ancestry

"Data science doesn't mean a thing if it's not communicated effectively," according to recent Metis Data Science Bootcamp graduate Nathan Cheever. We agree, and we're excited to see Nathan putting that belief into professional practice as a Data Visualization Engineer at Ancestry. Read on to find out about his day-to-day work and how his bootcamp experience prepared him for it.

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Alumni Spotlight: Yong Cho, Data Scientist at GrubHub

Metis graduate Yong Cho currently works as a Data Scientist at GrubHub, the food delivery company responsible for countless delicious meals delivered to my Brooklyn apartment. We caught up with Yong this week to ask about his role at GrubHub, his time at Metis, and his advice for current and future students.

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Alumni Spotlight: Metis Graduate Jaclyn Weiser, Senior Data Scientist at ZeroFOX

Jaclyn Weiser graduated from the Metis Data Science Bootcamp in July, 2015 before joining ZeroFOX as a Senior Data Scientist. In this Q&A, she talks about her current role at the social media cyber security startup, her time at Metis, and the data science tools she's using on a regular basis.

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Metis Alumni Panel: Insights Into the Data Science Job Search

In an effort to prepare students for the job market, we hosted an alumni panel discussion in our NYC classroom, during which three recent graduates.