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Omoju Miller's Drive to Prepare Us for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

By: Emily Wilson

September 13, 2017

Omoju Miller is a Senior Data Scientist of Machine Learning at GitHub and the instructor of our upcoming Introduction to Data Science part-time course in SF. In this interview, she discusses how education ties into preparing for the "fourth industrial revolution" and discusses her career, which has been truly impressive thus far.

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Working at Spotify, Transitioning from Academia to Data Science, & More – Q&A with Metis TA Kevin Mercurio

By: Emily Wilson // September 05, 2017

Kevin Mercurio is a Data Scientist at Spotify and the Teaching Assistant for our upcoming Live Online Introduction to Data Science part-time course. We caught up with him recently to discuss his daily responsibilities at Spotify, his transition from academia to data science, the upcoming Metis course, and more.

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Effective, Beautiful, and Fun – Mollie Pettit On the Benefits of Data Visualization

By: Emily Wilson // August 24, 2017

Mollie Pettit is a big believer in the power that visualizations can wield in helping people to understand data, which can often be otherwise complex and cumbersome. Currently a full-time Data Scientist at Datascope Analytics, she'll also be teaching our upcoming part-time Data Visualization with D3.js course in Chicago. We caught up with her to discuss her passion for data viz, her recent Star Trek-focused visualization project, what work inspires her own, and more.

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Q&A with Metis Alumni now @ Elsevier Labs, Booz Allen, Philadelphia 76ers

By: Emily Wilson // March 02, 2017

We recently hosted a virtual alumni panel featuring four recent graduates of our Data Science bootcamp. These grads are now working for the Philadelphia 76ers, Elsevier Labs, and Booz Allen Hamilton in a variety of data science roles, with a range of interesting responsibilities. During the hour-long event, Metis Director ...

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Q&A with TensorFlow Expert Sam Abrahams

By: Emily Wilson // February 01, 2017

"It's more than just a deep learning or machine learning framework. It's a mathematical computation library. That means that it has the flexibility to be able to create and experiment with brand new models instead of just being stuck with out of the box models that some other libraries provide."

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Q&A with Greg Ryslik, Head of Data Science & Analytics at Faraday Future

By: Emily Wilson // January 30, 2017

We discuss Greg's journey into data science and the reasons behind developing his upcoming Statistical Foundations for Data Science & Machine Learning course in San Francisco.

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Becoming a Data Scientist Podcast feat. Debbie Berebichez (Metis Chief Data Scientist)

By: Emily Wilson // July 27, 2016

Listen to Becoming a Data Scientist, a podcast featuring Metis Chief Data Scientist Debbie Berebichez. She discusses her childhood in Mexico City, where she was not encouraged to pursue her passions of math and physics, and was instead nudged towards topics considered more "feminine."

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Speaker Series: Siddharth Motwani, Sr. Data Strategy Analyst at Priceline.com

By: Emily Wilson // March 23, 2016

In the latest installment of our Speaker Series, we talk with Siddharth Motwani , Sr. Data Strategy Analyst at Priceline.com, before he gave his in-class talk to the Data Science Bootcamp cohort in NYC.

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Speaker Series: Todd Holloway, Data Scientist at Netflix [VIDEO]

By: Emily Wilson // February 29, 2016

Todd Holloway of Netflix visited Metis San Francisco to talk to the current cohort about the exciting data-centric work going on at the streaming giant. Before his talk, he sat down with Metis Sr. Data Scientist Laurie Skelly to answer a few questions. Watch the video here and/or read the ...

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Metis Data Science Open House: Alumni Panel Discussion

By: Emily Wilson // February 16, 2016

Five Metis alumni discuss their bootcamp experiences at last month's Open House in NYC and talk about their new data science jobs.

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Speaker Series: Dave Robinson, Data Scientist at Stack Overflow

By: Emily Wilson // February 09, 2016

We recently had Dave Robinson in class to discuss his experience as a Data Scientist at Stack Overflow. Metis Sr. Data Scientist Michael Galvin interviewed him before his talk. Here's their conversation.

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Metis Speaker Series: Liv Buli, Data Journalist at Next Big Sound [VIDEO]

By: Emily Wilson // February 05, 2016

Liv Buli, Data Journalist at Next Big Sound, visited Metis NYC to speak to the Data Science Bootcamp students. Before her talk, she chatted with Metis Sr. Data Scientist Michael Galvin about her fascinating work.

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Speaker Series: Aurelia Moser of Mozilla Foundation Speaks at Metis NYC

By: Emily Wilson // February 01, 2016

We welcomed Aurelia Moser, Community Lead and Developer at The Mozilla Foundation, as our first in-class speaker of the our winter Data Science Bootcamp in NYC.

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The Student Perspective on the Metis Experience (Course Report Interview)

By: Emily Wilson // October 30, 2015

Course Report hosted a webinar with two recent Metis data science bootcamp graduates, asking them to describe their experience throughout the program, and more.

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Q&A with Cassie Kozyrkov, Data Scientist at Google

By: Emily Wilson // May 06, 2015

Cassie Kozyrkov, Data Scientist at Google, recently visited the Metis Data Science Bootcamp to present to the class as part of our speaker series.

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Q&A with Ben Wellington, Data Scientist, I Quant NY

By: Emily Wilson // March 26, 2015

Ben Wellington is perhaps best known for his blog called I Quant NY, on which he tells the story of New York City through the data the city releases. Read an interview with him here.